Total Revenue and Payments Report does not match the Deposit Report

You may find that the total revenue and payments report does not match the deposit report because a discount was not calculated correctly on the Total Revenue and Payments Report for that day after tickets were rescheduled.
When rescheduling tickets, we need to ensure that the tickets we are rescheduling and the tickets we are rescheduling to have the same characteristics. If there is a discount applied to the original tickets, we will want to ensure that the new tickets have the same discount applied to them. If the characteristics of the tickets are different, we will want to refund and repurchase the tickets using an other payment method. We can follow the steps below to do this:
  1. From sales, Select Refunds
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Make sure that the item that you want to refund is marked
  4. In the payment details section change the refund method to an "other" payment method like exchange
  5. Click refund
  6. After the refund is processed go to a sales screen and process the payment using that same "other" payment method
    1. From sales, Select daily sales or Advance sales
    2. Add the new tickets to the cart
    3. Choose the same "other" payment method that you refunded the original order to pay for the new order
    4. Click complete

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue > Total Revenue and Payment Report
  2. Filter the affected date
  3. Check the box to show payment method distribution
  4. Note that the credit card total is XX amount
  5. Go to Treasury > Deposit Report
  6. Filter on the affected date
  7. See that the deposit total for credit cards is XX amount and matches the total that you charged in BBMS but does not match the total in your Total Revenue and Payment Report


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