There is a possibility with any of the constituent led fundraising modules (TeamRaiser, Personal Fundraising, Storybuilder) in Luminate Online for abuse by spam spreading entities. There are a few options to stop these users from creating public facing pages on your site.

1. Charge a fee for registration on Teamraiser or Personal Fundraising
2. Require administrative approval of personal fund pages, personal pages or stories in StoryBuilder.

Charging a fee may be something that isn't an option for your organization based on the nature of your fundraising campaigns, in which case option two would likely be your best solution, though it would require additional work by administrators in your organization.  This setting can be enabled by Advanced Site Administrators on your site.  The settings are under Site Options> Settings:

TRIBUTES_ADMIN_EMAIL: Email address to notify of changes (not newly created) to personal fund pages.  It is advised to use a group email for these notifications should an administrator leave your organization.

In the absence of any Advanced Site Administrators, the setting can be changed by Blackbaud Support.