When updating a transaction that was brought into the system using an acquisition list using revenue update batch the constituent name appears incorrectly.

Acquisition lists can be used to bring in new constituents and revenue through a marketing effort.  When a transaction is brought into the system this way the name formatting may get updated by the constituent hygiene settings, or the consistent name may be subsequently edited for accuracy.  If that revenue transaction is then pulled into a Revenue Update batch, after validation the constituent name will be reflected in the batch as it appeared in the acquisition list initially.  The batch can be imported successfully without affected the updated name.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.   

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Marketing & Communications create a Marketing effort and add a list segment from an Acquisition list
2. Activate this Marketing effort and export the results
3. Go to Revenue > Add a payment
4. Add a payment using the finder number from the exported marketing effort
5. Navigate to the constituent and change the name
6. Create a standard Revenue Update batch
7. Locate the transaction that you just created using the revenue ID
8. Change the amount and validate the batch
9. Notice that the consistent name appears as it did in the acquisition list.


 Blackbaud CRM

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