To get the frontend URLs for your TeamRaiser pages, you can follow these steps: 
  1. Configure your event, then publish the event.
  2. In the final step for configuring your event, Step 17. Publish, there is a front end URL for your event's entry page. Visit this page, then click through the different options that are present on that page to get the front end URLs for the various TeamRaiser pages.
Note: You will not be able to jump directly to all pages in the registration workflow as many of them depend upon data gathered in previous steps.

An alternate way to find many TeamRaiser specific links is to:

With the WYSIWYG enabled:
  1. Enter the desired text for the link.
  2. Select that text and click the button to create a link.
  3. Click Browse Links.
  4. Under Link Type select TeamRaiser.
  5. Select the desired event.
  6. In the Link to This Page drop down select the desired page.
  7. Click Select then Insert.
With the WYSIWYG disabled:
  1. Go to any HTML component section of a TeamRaiser, and from the Links drop down choose TeamRaiser.
  2. Select the TeamRaiser that has the page you want the link for, and click Options.
  3. In the option screen, in the first drop down go to TeamRaiser pages, and select the page you want a link for.
  4. Click Insert Link.
  5. Enter the desired text for the link and click OK. This link will now be at the bottom of the HTML section, and is a working link to the Teamraiser page you selected.