Error without description when working with cAPCheckRecorderAPI object

Using VBA and sample code supplied in the Knowledgebase Article covering How to write code to write a check for invoices, an error occurs when evoking the ProcessInvoices method.
Error: Run-time error '-2147219870 (80040662)'

The error contains no description.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

With VBA unlocked in The Financial Edge, copy/paste the following code (adjusting for invoice ID):
Public Sub WriteChecks()

    Dim lInvoiceIDs(1) As Long
    ReDim lCheckIDs(0) As Long
    lInvoiceIDs(1) = 75 ''Adjust for invoice System ID
    Dim oCheckHelper As cAPCheckRecorderAPI
    Set oCheckHelper = New cAPCheckRecorderAPI
    oCheckHelper.Init FE_Application.SessionContext, 1, lInvoiceIDs, Now, Now, DateAdd("y", 1, Now) ''No error seen
    lCheckIDs() = oCheckHelper.ProcessInvoices ''Error occurs here

End Sub

Save changes and attempt running from VBA to receive error with no description.


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