General correspondence household member processing pulls in household record rather than selected individuals

When creating a general correspondence process, users have the option to include household member processing (this is available when choosing a pre-configured output format, rather than an export definition).  This means that if the selection of constituents to mail to includes multiple members of the same household, there will only be one piece of mail generated.  

However, when household processing is completed in general correspondence, the household record name show up in the export, in both the Addressee and Salutation fields.  One of the individual members' names appears in the Contact Addressee field.  This occurs even though the individuals are included in the selection, not the household.  This functions differently than other types of mailings in Blackbaud CRM - in marketing efforts, when we choose to use household processing, one of the individuals from the household is the record included in the export - not the household itself.
Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Create a new individual record with a spouse, and make them members of the same household.  Ensure that each spouse has a valid primary address on their Contact tab, and a name format that's marked a their primary addressee on the Personal information tab.
2.  Go to Marketing and Communications > Manage correspondence, and add a new correspondence process.
3.  Choose an output type of "Output format" and choose "Formatted mail correspondence output."  Click the edit icon next to the format.  Leave the address format as Standard, and create a new name format.
4.  In the name format, on the Individual tab, choose to use the Primary addressee and primary salutation, and select any alternative formats.  Select any values on the other tabs, and save the name format.  
5.  On the Processing Options window, mark the checkbox to "Include household member processing."  Click Ok.
6.  In the "Edit correspondence process window," choose to include selected constituents, and add a selection with both individuals (but not the household) from step 1.
7.  Save and run the correspondence process.
8.  Open the output file, and note that there is one row of results.  This row shows the household record name in the Addressee and Salutation fields, and the Addressee for one of the individuals in the Contact Addressee field.
We would expect the household processing to work the same way as it does in marketing efforts, where it selects one of the individuals to be mailed to, rather than the household:
1.  Go to Marketing and Communications > Marketing Efforts > Add a direct marketing effort.
2.  Give the effort a name, and choose to not use source codes.  
3.  On the Universe tab, choose to include Qualifying individuals and organizations.  Choose to send to one person per household.
4.  On the Activation tab, choose or create an export that includes the following fields:
Constituent Marketing Information > Name
Constituent Marketing Information > Addressee
Constituent Marketing Information > Contact Addressee
5.  Save the new effort.
6.  On the Segments tab, add a new segment.  Use the same selection (both individuals) as the one in step 6 from the General correspondence process above.
7.  Select a package and save the segment.
8.  Calculate segment counts for the effort.
9.  Click Export effort, and Preview the results - note that the primary individual from the household shows up, with that person's correct addressee.  The Contact Addressee field is blank.
This is how we'd expect General correspondence to work too - we want to see one of the individuals, with their Addressee/Salutation and address, not the household as the Addressee/Salutation and a contact addressee.  There are two problems that are caused by this:

-If the household doesn't have a valid address on it (but the individuals do), they get excluded from the general correspondence
-In order to actually send the mailing, we have to manually review each file and combine the Contact Addressee and Addressee fields (and there's no way to get the salutations for people with households)


 Blackbaud CRM
 Service Pack 6

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