Invoice shows for posting and payment but is missing from Activity tab

A duplicate Invoice record shows up for posting and payment but is not on the Activity tab.  When running a query for the invoice number, there are 2 results with different Invoice System ID's for the same Vendor record. 
Create an Invoice Query to view and open the Invoice record and delete it;

1.  In Accounts Payable>> Query>> Invoice>> Dynamic
2.  On the Criteria tab>> expand Invoice>> select Invoice number>> equals [specified number]
3.  Click Run>> double-click on the duplicate record to open it
4.  Select Edit>> Delete>> confirm delete

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In AP>> Query>> BBTest>> Run**
**Note:  2 records for same Invoice number; one is posted and paid and the other is NYP and not paid both with same Post date and amount. They have different Invoice system ID's but are for the same Vendor record.
2.  Double-click to open the Vendor record from the Results tab>> select Activity tab**
**Note: There is only 1 invoice for the on the activity tab for that number and date
3.  In Administration>> Post>> Open BBtest>> Validate**
**Note: The invoice is coming up for posting

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