Issue with CRM pulling through current BBIS Login/Online Information - Corrupt Constraint

There is an issue with CRM showing incorrect BBIS Login and Online Information for Constituents. 
This issue occurred because the site URL contained characters that were not allowed, and was corrected with a data-specific script.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. In CRM, navigate to Constituent Search 
2. Enter the Constituent details (Bob Dalton) 
3. Go to More Information > Online Information 
4. Last Login and Date of Visit was not updating with recent details (however this has since been resolved by dropping Constraint (CK_NETCOMMUNITYWEBTRAFFIC_URL). 
5. Now open a different browser and login as user Supervisor with password: admin.
3. Go to Users & Security.
4. Select Users. 
5. Select filter by login and enter username Daltonw2.
6. Click filter. 
7. Notice the last login for Bob is yesterday.


 Blackbaud CRM

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