Application users transfer without their system roles when using Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager can be used to to transfer records from one environment to another.  When transferring Application Users, you may notice they are imported without their system roles.  
The configuration manager utilitycan move application users from one database to another, but does not include functionality for migrating roles between databases.  If using this utility, plan to assign the system roles to application users after completing the config manager migration.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Setup two 4.0 environments.
Environment A
Environment B
2.  Log-in to Environment A.
3.  Go to Administration, Security, Application Users, and add an application user. 
4.  Go to Administration, Security, System Roles, and add a system role.  
5.  Export role definition under Tasks.  
6.  On the Users tab, add your User from step 3. 
7.  Log-in to Environment B.  
8.  Go to Administration, Security, System Roles, and Import role definition under Tasks.  Import the role from step 5. 
* You now have a system role that exists in both environments and an application user in Environment A that is a part of that system role. 
9.  Install configuration manager on your Web Server.  
10.  Connect to both Environment A and Environment B.
11.  With Environment A selected in configuration manager click Add package.  
12.  Under 'Add items to this package:' click Application Users.  Check the checkbox next to your application user from step 3 and click Save. 
13.  Enter a Name and mark the 'Lock package' checkbox.  Save. 
14.  Under 'Packages' mark the checkbox for your package and click Apply Now. 
15.  Click Yes, select Environment B in the drop-down, and then click OK.  Notice your packages imported successfully.  Save. 
16.  Log-in to Environment B.
17.  Go to Administration, Security, Application Users, and notice that your Application User was imported successfully however their system roles did not. 

I also tried creating a package that included the application user AND the system role in question however it still did not import successfully.  Only the application user is imported.


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