Adding new constituents through enhanced revenue batches sets gender to unknown

Adding a new constituent or spouse as part of an ERB sets gender to unknown.
Gender defaults and Title Code defaults defaults occur when manually adding Constituents or in Constituent batches.  Gender and Titles will default in Constituent Batches or Constituent Update Batches but not other batch types.

Steps to Duplicate

1.    Create a new ERB template and linked import process
2.    Create a new import file including new constituents with title and first name specified
3.    Add the import file to the import process and select to map the fields
4.    Auto map all fields and on the New/edit constituent select Map Collection fields and auto map – click save
5.    Click on start import and allow the process to create a batch
6.    Review the resulting batch note that the constituent preview window has all records gender set to unknown. If you select to edit the constituent in each row note that gender is set correctly.
7.    Commit the batch
8.    Review each record added and note the gender will be set as unknown. Also note the same issue happens for the spouse records added.



 Blackbaud CRM

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