Step 1: Create a test constituent that you will be able to pull in the test of your renewal process
  1. Go to constituents> add a constituent 
  2. Fill out first and last name, as well as, a valid email address you have access to
  3. Save the constituent
Step 2: Add a membership to the constituent record that will qualify for the renewal mailing
  1. Go to the constituents record> Select add a membership
  2. Edit the membership expiration date to reflect a date that is within the membership renewal criteria you are testing (you may need to edit the transaction date of the process to occur before the expiration date)
  3. Edit the amount of the membership to $0 so you will not interrupt any reporting for the day
  4. Save the membership
Step 3: Exclude all constituents from the membership renewal except the test constituent
  1. Go to marketing and communication
  2. Select membership renewal efforts> navigate to the templates tab
  3. Select the template you are working with> navigate to the exclusions tab
  4. Select add> add an ad-hoc query> choose the source view of constituents
  5. On the left select constituents> in the middle select constituent record> move to Include records where and set is not equal to your test constituent (this will pull everyone but your test constituent in to the exclusion query
  6. Preview the results and Save the query
  7. See that the exclusion query was added to your process
Step 4: Run the Membership Renewal Process
  1. Go to Membership > Select your membership program
  2. Select Process membership renewal notices
  3. Select your process in the drop down of the screen that appears > click start > see that when the process complete and only processes 1 membership
  4. Start the email job
Step 5: Finishing up
  1. Check the email address that you sent the membership renewal email to
  2. Go back into Altru to make any changes to the letter
  3. If you saved the exclusion query within your membership renewal process, remove the exclusion query allowing the process to mail to all the qualiflying constituents
  4. Run the process
Note: The membership renewal URL only works within Altru through the membership renewal process. You will not be able to use the renewal URL through a third party mailing house.