Start your query: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Membership and click OK
Add fields to Include records where:
  1. If you'd like to filter your results on a specific Membership Program, in the middle column, drag "Membership Program" to Include records where. Set this to be equal to the membership program you'd like to see visits for. 
  2. If you'd like to filter your results on a specific status (such as Active, Lapsed, etc.), from the middle column drag "Status" into Include records where. Set this to be equal to or one of your statuses. For example: Status is equal to Active. 
  3. To find member visits, in the left column, expand Members, then expand Constituent, then expand Sales Orders. Under Sales Orders, decide which orders you would like to count as a visit: 
  • If you only want to count visits with a certain date range, drag Transaction Date from the middle column into Include Records Where. For example: Members\Constituent\Sales Orders\Transaction date is last month.
  • If you only want to count visits made through a certain sales method, drag Sales Method Type to Include Records where and set this equal to or one of the sales methods you're looking for: Sales Method Type is equal to Daily Sales.
  • If you want to count participation in any program (scheduled program, scheduled program that requires registration, or daily admission program), you can highlight Sales Order Item and drag Type from the middle column into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to ticket. For example: Members\Constituent\Sales Orders\Sales Order Item\Type is equal to Ticket.
  • If you only want to count visits where members are attending a certain program (for example: Admission), expand Sales Order Item, expand Sales Order Item Ticket and highlight Program. Drag Program into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to the program you'd like to consider. For example: Members\Constituent\Sales Orders\Sales Order Item\Sales Order Item Ticket\Program is equal to Admission
Note: For this particular query, we do not recommend adding the field Member\Is Primary is equal to Yes to Include records where if multiple members on the membership are purchasing tickets that you'd like to count as a visit. If you only book tickets under the primary member or only want to see what the primary member has purchased, you can add this field. 

Add fields to Results fields to display:
  1. Membership ID will be in the Results by default. Leave this field in the output to identify which memberships have visited. 
  2. To count the number of visits on a basic level, we recommend using the Lookup ID of the Sales Order. To add this field, from the left column, highlight Sales Order beneath Member\Constituent. From the middle column, drag Lookup ID to Results fields to display. Note: We do not recommend counting the Lookup ID field using a query functioning. If you are filtering on a specific program or sales order item, the count function will inflate your count for each item (for example, if someone had one order with 3 price types (Adult, Student, and Child), using the Count function would show this as 3 visits.)
  3. If you'd like to Membership Level to synthesize number of visits by Membership Level, highlight Memberships at the very top of the left column and drag Membership Level from the middle column to Results Fields to Display. 
Here is an example of what the final product will may look like: 
Query Examples for Member Visits