To create a SKY list of faculty with their addresses: 
  1. Navigate to Academics 
  2. From the Scheduling tab select Faculty List
  3. Select Choose Columns 
  4. Deselect the option for Email if you do not need the email in your list 
  5. Select the option for: 
    • Home Address: this will pull the address listed as "home" on the user's record. Puts all address information in one cell 
    • User-added image
    • Address Line 1, City, State, Postal/Zip, Country: this will list each item in it's own cell 
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To create a list of faculty with their addresses:
  1. Navigate to any module 
  2. Analysis > Manage Lists.
  3. Select Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  4. Select the List Templates tab.
  5. Select Template Category: Academic Group.
  6. Select the list named: Current Faculty > Select View/Copy.
  7. In the Select Objects tab, under Constituent Information select User Address.
  8. User-added image
  9. In the Display Fields tab select Select Fields 
  10. Expand User Base to show the User Address block,
  11. Select the address fields you would like to display
  12. .User-added image
  13. To include both Teachers and Non-Teaching staff in the list, navigate to the Filters tab
  14. In Global Filters select the Field User Role.Role > is any of Teacher and Non-Teaching Staff.
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