In a smart group list where the Topic is Constituent Detail, the Criteria to pull only Students for specific grad years is as follows:
  1. In Extracurricular > Community Groups >  Community Group Pages
  2. Select the Community Group and click the Rosters tab > click Manage
  3. Select Edit Smart Group List
  4. In the Criteria tab select the Topic from the drop down list for Constituent Detail
  5. Add criteria for Field: Role > Condition: Equals > Value: Students
  6. For only one grad year add  And > Field: Grad Year > Condition: Equals > Value: xxxx 
  7. To add multiple grad years, place one parenthesis at the beginning of the field with And, then add additional grad years as Or > Field: Grad Year > Condition: Equals > Value: xxxx until the list of criteria is complete, and at the end place another parenthesis at the end of the last field value.
  8. User-added image
Note: To associate the student role with multiple grad years, the grad years in parenthesis are read as a statement, telling the system to find a person who has grad year of xxxx or grad year of xxxx or grad year of xxxx. These grad years will all be applicable to the student role above the statement within the parenthesis.