The following details are provided to assist with the setup and functionality for the Auto-match Criteria with Web > Manage Web Transactions > Configure Integration:
Event Registration and Profile Update Auto Match Setup

The Auto-match functionality is determined based on the Fields marked in the box on the left hand side of the Auto-Match screen. When new Event Registrations or Profile Updates are downloaded into a Batch in Manage Web Transactions, the content submitted on the Form in BBIS must match the Constituent record in CRM for all fields marked in the Auto-Match tab in order for the transaction/record to be able to Auto link/match in the Batch.

For Example, If Last Name, First Name, and Any Email fields are marked, the Event Registration or Profile Update transaction data will need to have the same Last Name, First Name, and Email address that is on the existing Constituent record in CRM before the transaction will be able to be Auto-Matched.

Note: "Any phone" or "Any email" pertain to any email address or any phone number listed on the Constituent record, so the phone and email fields are not specific to Primary address/phone.

Additionally, the right hand checkbox for "Exact Match Only" pertains to each individual field (such as Spelling, Abbreviations, etc) and is not meant for use with all fields as a whole.

For Example: If the transaction data from BBIS shows the address as "123 Test Dr" and the Constituent record shows the address as "123 Test Drive", then as long as the Exact Match Only checkbox is not marked these address fields should be able to match. However, if the Exact Match Only checkbox is marked, then "Dr" and "Drive" will not be considered a Match by the system.

If you are seeing issues with the Auto-matching in your Event Registration and Profile Update batch assignments, then the Auto-match criteria should be reviewed to lessen the number of marked fields and/or unmark the "Exact Match Only" checkbox.

When you have multiple fields marked on the Auto-match tab, the more strict the Auto-matching criteria will be. This will require the transaction coming in to have the same content for all marked fields that were entered on the BBIS form as are available on the Constituent Record in CRM.