Following these steps will give you or whoever you would like to have this access this new role.
  1. Go to Core > Security > Roles
  2. Click Add in the top-right 
  3. Give the cloned role a name (ex: Upload Misc Files) >
  4. Select "Page Manager" in the listing 
  5. Click "Next" 
  6. Select the check boxes for 
-Upload Misc Files
-Add Misc File
-Delete Misc File

  1. Click "Next" 
  2. Search for and add your name so that it appears under "Added Users".
  3. Click "Save & Exit".

At that point, you can go to onMessage > Content: Uploads (misc) and utilize that task.

Note: If you don't see the task right away, signout and signin again and then try to access it.