A Pushpage has both a required Job Name and a Subject Line. The differences are as follows:

The Job Name is the title of the Pushpage
  • What may be referred to as the Job Title (Job Name) designates the name of the Pushpage job
  • The Job Title is used for internal purposes a
The Subject Line is the subject that will be shown on the Pushpage email
  • The Subject Line refers to what the Pushpage is about and shows in the subject of the email
  • The Subject Line of the email is public facing
As an example, the school may want to categorize the Pushpage titles in a different way then they want the Pushpage subject to be displayed in the email to the Distribution Group. An example might be if they have multiple people writing Pushpage's and want to keep track of who has written them. They can do this in the Job Name versus the actual Subject of the Pushpage, which would include the subject for what the Pushpage is about. 

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