Duplicate phone or email type warning does not appear downloading constituent update from Online Express to The Raiser's Edge 7.95

In The Raiser's Edge 7.95, business rule options are available to set how to handle duplicate email and phone types on constituent records. However when downloading Online Express transactions with updates to existing constituents present and the business rule is set to warning, an alert regarding possible duplicate email/phone types does not occur.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

This issue is limited only to the "Display warning" setting. If duplicate types are of concern, set the option to "Do not allow the record to be saved" and follow steps 18 through 20 in the steps to duplicate section.


Steps to Duplicate

In the sample Raiser's Edge 7.95 with Online Express present:
  1. Set up an Online Express donation form for testing.
  2. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Config > Business Rules > Constituent Options > Phone/email options and set both warning options to "Display warning."
  3. Still in The Raiser's Edge, click on Online Express in the left menu. Click on Account in the upper right. Select Integration Options and then Email mapping. Note the first email type. Click OK.
  4. Return to The Raiser's Edge, look up an individual constituent with an email of type noted in step 3, or change an existing type to the email type noted in step 3.
  5. Go to the Online Express form and make a donation for the constituent noted in step 4. Use the address noted, however, enter a different email on the form.
  6. Once the transaction completes, return to the Raiser's Edge and Online Express to download the transaction:
  7. Highlight test transaction on left.
  8. On right, click on Linked Constituent aqua box in upper right. Click Find Constituent above. (If the
  9. Search for selected constituent selected in step 4.
  10. Highlight constituent in results at bottom.
  11. Click Link Constituent and then Choose Selected Constituent.
  12. On next screen, review the updates to access. Mark Accept to keep the change. Be sure to check both tabs and ensure the email update is marked.
  13. Click Save and Close.
  14. Warning does not occur when adding new email.
  15. Close the download plug-in.
  16. In The Raiser's Edge, return to Config > Business Rules > Constituent Options > Phone/email options and set both warning options to "Do not allow the record to be saved."
  17. Repeat the download process of steps 5 through 13. The following warning will occur:
    Duplicate type warning
  18. To save the change, click Yes to open the constituent record. Change types or delete emails/phones as needed so all types are unique (used only once).
  19. Click Save and Close on the constituent record.
  20. Complete processing the transaction from Online Express to The Raiser's Edge.



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