To see which groups the User needs to be removed from, navigate to:
  1. Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data.
  2. Search/select the Student
  3. Scroll to the lower left under System Information > Click Remove User
  4. This displays which Group(s) the is associated with, click Drop and select the Radio Button for Scheduling Error (Remove Course Record)

Then you will need to withdraw the Student as a Past Candidate.

To withdraw a Student as a Past Candidate:
  1. Navigate to Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data
  2. Search/select your Student.
  3. Scroll to the lower left under System Information > Student Enrollment.
  4. Click Withdraw.
  5. If the student has been properly withdrawn from all enrollments, you will see the Past Candidate option:
User-added image
  1. Select the Past Candidate radio button.
  2. Click Save & Exit.