You can find this data by running a TeamRaiser Registration report in Report Writer. When you reach step 6 of these instructions, follow the steps below instead:
  1. On step 5. Configure Filters, click Edit next to Event and choose your TeamRaiser Event(s).
  2. Click the little trash can icon next to Registration Active Status as we don't need this filter.
  3. Click Create a filter.
  4. Select Registration from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select Registration Date from the bottom dropdown menu.
  6. Change Is to In Custom Range and choose your date range.
  7. Click Add this filter
  8. Click Next and then proceed through the rest of the steps to save and/or run the report.
The report results will show 1 event participant per row. You can sort the results in Excel by Registration Date and count the number of rows to determine how many people are registered across the chosen events.