The good news is that this can be completed using the Query functionality already available in LO. Because every organization created has a group that is simultaneously added and associated, all contacts assigned to the organization will also have membership in the corresponding group. In order to take advantage of additional segmentation criteria simply:
  • Navigate to Data management > Query
  • Create a new query or edit an existing one
  • Select "Add Group Clause"
  • In the pop up, select the "Organization Contact Types" and select your desired group
  • Select "Save"

You will now see that your query includes a clause for is "a member" of the desired organization group. From here, simply add any additional criteria normally available in the Query tool (click here for details). You can include a clause for any information on the constituent record, criteria for specific interactions, and more. Once complete with defining your criteria your next steps are to:
  • Save your query
  • Select "Run Query"
  • Create a new group from the results by selecting "Use Query" > "Create a Group" > enter the group details >  "Save"

The created group can then be used for inclusion or exclusion from emails and additional customization options throughout the product.