Price types are in incorrect order on Web forms

Is it possible to change the order that price types display in the Web forms? When viewing a special event or preregistered program event Web form you may notice that the price types are not in the order you want them in. Can you change order of price types on event registration forms? You may also need to adjust the order of price types for a scheduled program. Can you change the order of price type on daily admission programs?
Special Event or  Preregistered Programs:
  1. Access the Web module from the main navigation
  2. In the Web Forms section on the left, Click on "Manage Event Registration Forms"
  3. Click on the expand icon to the left of the event, Click "Options"
  4. Click on row of the price type you want to move and then drag the price type row up or down to reorder them.
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  5. Click "Save"
Scheduled Programs or Daily Admission Programs
For these programs, price types appear in the order they were added during program configuration:
  1. From Tickets, Click Program Search
  2. Search and select the Program
  3. Navigate to the Prices Tab
  4. Click Edit
  5. Reorder the prices in the Edit Prices by selecting the price types in the sequence you would like them to appear on the Web form. Click "Save"
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