User-Defined Smart Query Filters and options disappear after re-opening\editing the query

When setting output type, filter and filter operator options on the Set save options of a user-defined smart query, these options disappear after when you click edit to open the smart query after having initially saved and closed.
This is an issue where the Application Detail options don't hold their static Output Type, Filter, or Filter Operation settings.  The smart field will work and continue to work as setup as long as it's never edited.  If this occurs the workaround is to create it and leave it alone or if the smart query is edited re-enter the options/values again and save the query.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration\Application\Shell Design\User-defined Smart Queries
2.  Click Add to create a new user-defined smart query
3. Select Revenue as the source view
4. In the results to display, select the following fields:
    a. System Record ID
    b. Constituent\Lookup ID
    c. Constituent\Name
    d. Date
    e. Application Details\Designation\Alternate Lookup Ids\Lookup ID
    f . Application Details\Designation system record ID
    g. Application Details\Designation name
     h. Application Details\Designation\Purpose\Site\System record ID
     i. Application Details\Designation Purpose\Site\Name
     j. Application Details\Designation\Report Code 1
     k. Application Details\Application
     l. Application Details\Amount
    m. Receipt amount
    n. Revenue ID
    o. Payment method
    p. Pledge/Grant award balance

5. Go to the Set save options tab, and set the following options:

Field                                                                                                    Output type           Filter                                    Filter operator
System record ID                                                                                 Visible                  not checked                        no filter
Constituent\Lookup ID                                                                          Visible                  checked                              One of
Constituent\Name                                                                                 Visible                  not checked                        no filter
Date                                                                                                      Visible                  Checked                             Between
Application Details\Designation\Alternate Lookup Ids\Lookup ID         Visible                  not checked                        none
Application Details\Designation system record ID                                Hidden                  checked                             one of
Application Details\Designation name                                                   Visible                  checked                             one of
Application Details\Designation\Purpose\Site\System record ID          Visible                  not checked                       none                 
Application Details\Designation Purpose\Site\Name                             Visible                  not checked                       none                   
Application Details\Designation\Report Code 1                                     Visible                  checked                            one of
Application Details\Application                                                               Visible                  checked                            one of
Application Details\Amount                                                                    Visible                  not checked                       none   
Receipt amount                                                                                      Visible                  not checked                       none
Revenue ID                                                                                            Visible                  checked                             one of
Payment method                                                                                    Visible                  checked                             one of
Pledge/Grant award balance                                                                  Visible                  not checked                       one of

6. Click save and close
7. Go back to the query and click edit to open it
8.  Go to the set save options tab, notice all options are now gone, except the following:
  • System record ID   
  • Constituent\Lookup ID
  • Constituent\Name
  • Date
  • Payment Method



 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0 SP6

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