For information on how to Clone a Role, click here.

To clone the Admissions Manager role:

1) Go to to Core.
2) Security >Click roles
3) Click Add.
4) Give the new role a name (ex. Admissions Manager - No FA).
5) Select the Base Role (Admissions Manager).
6) Click Next.
7) Click Next (do not select tasks in step 2 of 3 This only allows you to select Desktop, when you need to select both Desktop and App).
8) Search/select the Member(s) you'd like to add to the role.
9) Move them to Added Users by clicking the blue >> link to the left of their name.
10) Once you've added your users, click Save & Exit.
11) Once back on the Manage Roles page, search/select your new cloned role.
12) Click the Tasks link on the left.
13) Click Edit in the upper right corner.
14) Enable all of the preferred tasks (both Desktop and App) that should be activated for this role, leaving out all Financial Aid tasks.
15) Save.

Note: After making changes to any user's role or role tasks,  log out and back in to allow the role tasks and changes to refresh.

This will then give the user Enrollment Management access, without access to Financial Aid.