Navigate to:
  1. Lists> More Lists > List Templates
  2. In the Category dropdown, select Admission ​
  3. Next to Candidate/Student Contracts, click View/Copy
  4. In Select Objects expand Constituent Information
  5. Select User Detail
  6. Select the Display Fields Tab
  7. Click Select Fields
  8. Expand User Role, User Base, User Detail
  9. Within User Detail, select Gender 
  10. Click Select 
  11. Click filters and select + to add a Global Filter
  12. Select Contract.School Year any of the Contract year you are looking for such as 2016-2017 
  13. If you only want Returned Contracts to be pulled into the list, in the Global Filters, click + to add a Filter of Contract.Return Date is not null
  14. Click Select
  15. Title and Save the list and place within a category if desired