Error: No upload ID sequence found - during Upload

The following ADU (Account Data Upload) Error was found in Job log: 

No upload ID sequence found
This is usually due to a missing sequence.

To see if the sequence exists, look in the Sequences folder in PL SQL developer. The name of the sequence should be the upload file code followed by _UPLOAD_ID_SEQ. For the BBS format, for example, the sequence is BBS_UPLOAD_ID_SEQ.

If the sequence does not exist you can create it by using the SQL here in the section on The Sequence File: Article 60298

Be sure to check the uploads folder to see if any folders already exist for this format; if they do then you will need to set the next value to one higher than the last one used. If you need to change the next number look in the Sequences folder in PL SQL developer. Right click on it, choose edit, set the "Next Number" field to the value that you want and press apply.

If the sequence is not missing then the more unusual cause for this is that the server is out of space. This will usually also go along with other widespread issues such as outputs not being produced. Contact a DBA if this is the case.

You can confirm a space issue if you get the error “ORA-09817: Write to audit file failed” when running the following statement: 

SELECT LPAD(TO_CHAR(PBDS_SEQ.NXTVAL('CV7' || '_upload_id_seq')), 5, '0') FROM DUAL; 



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