Error: ORA-00001 or cannot navigate to form mnmenman - when adding to Menu favorites

User pulls up the parameter screen for a report or procedure and goes to "Add Current Screen to Favorites" in the Screen menu.  The bottom of the screen shows the error ORA-00001. It could also (less commonly) show the error "cannot navigate to form mnmenman".
That method of adding to favorites only works for screens, not for reports or procedures. To add a report or procedure you can use these alternate directions from TA help. 

To Remove Items or further adjust your favorites: 
1. Access the User Preferences screen in the System Maintenance module. 
2. Select the Menu tab. 
3. Select the module associated with the operation you want to make a favorite in the Module field. 
4. Find the operation in the list of operations. 
5. Click.

Repeat steps 1-5 for all operations you want to add to your Favorites module.



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