Services are billed in three different ways:
  1. FPE (Fixed Price Engagement) billing terms:
    • Billed 100% upon completion of the project.
    • Billed 100% upon signature of order form.
    • Billed 50% upfront and 50% upon completion depending on the contract terms.
  2. T&M (Monthly based on time entered) billing terms: These projects are set up with service hours that are billed as the hours are logged by the Consultant.  The invoices are generated once per month and include all hours completed within the month. Please refer to your Order Form for the specific billing terms of your contract. 
    • Hours for Monthly based on time entered services will not be greater then what is agreed to in the original signed agreement unless a change order is signed by the customer.
    • Subscription services are a fixed price and billed annually based on the date the order from was signed.
  3. Retainers: Defaults to monthly fee in advance, however can be quarterly or annually based on signed contract.
 screenshot services billing