Error: Overflow - when previewing a Custom Report

You may receive an Overflow error when previewing a Custom Crystal Report. 

This error may occur if the page size needs to be legal and it is set to letter or the page orientation is set to portrait but it needs to be set to landscape (perhaps if the report needs more room to display all fields in the report preview) and affect all user names and workstations. 

We run this report every day and we haven't gotten the overflow error until today. Everyone, including Supervisor account, is showing the Overflow error. 
Change the page orientation to Landscape to accommodate all data:
  1. Open the report in the Crystal Reports application
  2. Go to File > Page Setup
  3. Change the Page Size to the appropriate setting
  4. Change the Page Orientation to the appropriate setting
  5. Click OK
  6. Save the report changes and close Crystal Reports

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open the Custom Crystal Report
  2. Click Preview.
  3. The "Overflow" error displays

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