Using the AddressAccelerator Print Form 3553 option prints with a date of 1969

When processing addresses through the AddressAccelerator in the Raiser's Edge > Data Health Center, there is an option to Print Form 3553, which is the CASS Certification form.

When the form prints, it has incorrect information and shows the date 12/31/1969 for "Date List Processed," "Data of Database Product Used" and the "Validation Period."
This is resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96 patch 3, applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in March 2017 and planned for download availability in April 2017. For further updates on releases as they become available, please see our Community Release page. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open RE 7.95 with Sample database and AddressAccelerator installed (Feb-Mar release)
  2. Go to Data Health Center > AddressAccelerator (row) > Validate Addresses
  3. Use the following options:
    • 1: General (tab)
      • Whatever you want as long as something is returned to be processed
    • 2: Process Options (tab)
      • CHECK "Print form 3553" on right in "Reporting Options" section
      • Other options don't matter
  4. Click button "Update Now" on bottom right

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