1. Navigate to Core > Analysis > Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Select the List Templates tab.
  4. From the Category drop down, choose Inquiry Forms.
  5. Click View/Copy for Inquiries This Month .
  6. In the Select Objects tab, click theUser-added image to remove Request Group.
  7. In the Display Fields tab, click theUser-added image to remove fields you do not want on the list.
  8. Click Select Fields... to add fields you do want on the list.
  9. Select the fields.
  10. Click Select.
  11. In the Filters tab, click onUser-added image to edit the Condition for Request.Request Date.
  12. Change this month to custom.
  13. Enter the date range.
  14. Click Select.
  15. Under Global Filters, click theUser-added image to add a new row for Request.Enter Year.
  16. In the Condition popup window, keep any of selected.
  17. Choose the entering year.
  18. Click Select.
  19. Enter a Name for your list (required).
  20. Add your list to an existing category or create a new one (optional).
  21. Click Save.
  22. Click Preview to view your list's results.