Seating Arrangement Report missing seats added in the Event

Seats added to an Event Table after the Seating Setup Wizard are missing in the Seating Arrangement Report.



  1. Recreate the Seating set up in the Setup Wizard for the Event
Note: This deletes all previously assigned seating arrangements
  1. Run the Seating Arrangement Report
  2. The new Seats are added to the Report

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Reports, open the Event Management Report
  2. Select the Seating Validation Report
  3. The Seating Validation Report provides details about assigned seats
  4. Open the Event
  5. On the General tab, click the Seating button
  6. In the right-frame, highlight the table and click New Seat
  7. Save and Close
  8. In Reports, run the Seating arrangement report
9. Report does not show the new seat


 Raiser's Edge
 Client Version: 7.71

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