Smart fields that use Household member revenue recognition criteria are not added to individual records when only recognition exists for the household record.

Within CRM it is possible to use smart fields to calculate values such as the first time a constituents gives a gift. When using a smart field that has Household member revenue recognition as its criteria, values are not applied to the individual records if the only recognition that exists is for the household record.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log-in to CRM 4.0.
2. Go to Constituents and Add a household with a member. 
3. Save.  
4. From the household record, click Add payment.
Application:  Donation
Amount: any 
Recognition:  Only for the Household itself (not for any members)
5. Save. You should now have a single transaction for the household that only has recognition credits for the household itself.  
6. Go to Administration, Smart Fields, and click Add.  Select 'Constituent revenue application dates' and click OK. 
Name: any
Value to return:  Latest application date
For:   Household member revenue recognition
Transaction type/Applications:  check Payment
Recognition credit types:  check all.  
7.  Save. 
8.  Process your smart field. 
9.  Go to your Household record and notice on the Smart Fields tab there is a value that matches the date of your transaction from step 5.  Go to the individual record and notice that the smart field value was never updated for this record.  

In 2.94, the smart field would be applied to the Household and all members regardless of who was given the recognition credit. This appears to occur with any smart field setup to use 'Household member revenue recognition'



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