The number of tickets available in my quick itinerary drop down is incorrect - when adding a group sale

When you create a group sale you may see that the quick itinerary does not reflect the correct number of tickets available for sale. 
This issue has been resolved, if you experience this issue please chat with support and provide the following information
  • Date and Time of Scheduled Program
  • Date and Time of the Group Sale

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to sales > group sales
  2. Add a reservation
  3. View the quick itinerary drop down
  4. Check the event attendance report and scheduled event ticket detail report and see that there are more ticket available than in the quick itinerary drop down
  5. Choose a different time in the quick itinerary drop down > Save
  6. Go in to the itinerary in the reservation and select edit
  7. Change the reservation to the time slot > Save


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