To create this list go to:
  1. Navigate to Lists > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actionsl
  3. Click the List Templates tab
  4. Select in the Category dropdown Registration
  5. View Copy Event Registration Counts
  6. Under the Select Objects Tab on the right, Expand Registration by clicking the + next to it
  7. Click the X next to Registrant under Registration
  8. From under the Registration Object Select the following Objects in order :
  9. Registration Event, Registrant, Registrant Item, Registration Item, Registration Item Group, Registrant Attendee
  10. Under Constituent Information select User Base
  11. Remove the Inner Join check marks from everything
  12. Click the Display Fields Tab
  13. Click Select Fields...
  14. Expand the Registration mark: The Start Datetime and End Datetime
  15. Expand Registrant Item > Registration Item >  Registration Item Group mark Short Description
  16. Expand Registrant Attendee mark First name, Last Name, and Email
  17. Expand User Base mark First name, Last Name, and Email
  18. Click Select
  19. Reorder the Columns as desired by using the Sort Orders
  20. Select the Filters Tab
  21. Under Global Filter in the Field dropdown select: Registration.Short Description with the condition: is (the Name of your Event)
  22. Click Preview
  23. Click Save or Save & Exit