Prospect Plan Analysis Report returns Expected Ask date as Ask date when status is set to Qualified with a blank Ask date

Certain opportunity records are not appearing in the standard Prospect Plan Analysis report.  When an opportunity is Unqualified, there is no ask date.  However, as long as the opportunity expected ask date falls within the defined date range, then that opportunity still shows up in this report.  When an opportunity is Qualified and there is an ask date populated that meets the defined criteria, then that opportunity shows up in this report.  However, if that Qualified opportunity only has an expected ask date (no ask date), then it does not show up in the report at all, even if the expected ask date falls within the date criteria.
The Prospect Plan Analysis Report will list the Expected Ask Date if the Ask Date is blank on the opportunity.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add a major giving plan to a constituent.
2. Navigate to the major giving plan and add an opportunity with the following options: Status-Unqualified and expected ask date- 03/03/2016. Please note the ask date is blank.
3. Navigate to the Prospect plan analysis report.
4. Use a query that includes the constituent with the newly created major giving plan and the date set to this year.
5. Note that the constituent appears in the report with an ask date of 03/03/2016 even though the ask date of the opportunity is blank.
6. Return to the major giving plan opportunity and change the status to qualified. Do not include add an ask date.
7. Rerun the Prospect Plan Analysis report.
8. Note that the prospect is no longer included in the report.


 Blackbaud CRM

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