Checks appear to print smaller or the alignment is off when using Citrix Universal Printer in Blackbaud Hosting Services

When printing checks from The Financial Edge using the Citrix Universal Printer in Blackbaud Hosting Services, the image of the check will look as though it has shrunk slightly. The Citrix Universal Printer will reduce the image by approximately 3% due to the way that it creates the print job.  In most cases, the difference is not noticeable, but becomes apparent when you are printing on pre-printed forms.  The issue is described in this Citrix Knowledgebase solution under the section "Enhanced Metafile (EMF) Viewer versus Final Printer Output".
You may adjust the scaling of the document by adjusting the settings for the printer:
  1. In the EMF Viewer, when using the Citrix Universal Printer:
    1. Click the Print icon.
    2. Highlight the desired printer.
    3. Click "Preferences".
    4. Use the desired printer's Settings Window to increase the Image Scale to 103%. This will alter based on the printer make and model.
  2. Print the checks directly to the desired printer.



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