Process Now option in the Connect RE integration updates all records

After matching or linking some (not all) records in the Connect RE integration and clicking the Process Now button all available updates are processed into Raiser's Edge.

The Process Now button in the Connect RE integration does not have the option to process selected, updated records. All records that appear, new or updated, will process in bulk. Whenever data is synced, a summary appears. You then review possible matches for existing records. New records with possible matches identified by the integration will appear with a icon (exclamation mark inside a triangle) indicating matches are found between two records. When Connect RE identifies new records from your “ON” products, it’ll attempt to match them to existing records in the Raiser’s Edge. You can search for existing records or confirm to create new ones.

To ensure consistency and equalization between the two databases ensure that any records included in Connect RE have been appropriately linked or matched prior to clicking Process Now.



 Raiser's Edge

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