First Gift date not factoring No. of advance notice days for Recurring Gifts in Online Express Donation Form when Direct Debit is pay method

When selecting Direct Debit as a pay method for recurring gifts within a Donation form in Online Express, the schedule start date shown against Your first gift will occur on dd/mm/yyyy does not factor in the Number of advance notice days required for Direct Debits
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime we suggest that you may wish to consider amending the wording on the Online Express form to ensure donors are aware that there may be a change to the first collection date.
To do that you would -
  1. Edit the form in Online Express
  2. Go to the Fine Tuning tab and click on the heading ‘ Recurring Gift’ and in the pop up box you can enter the text you wish to show.
  3. See this video for the steps
  4. When complete save the form.
An example of the text you may wish to use –
 Recurring Gift suggested text

When donors access the page on your web site they will see the text you have entered–
OLX form with amended RG text


When the donation is downloaded, the Recurring Gift and bank information shows –
Process OLX transaction with RG present

Then the transaction is processed and a batch created, where you can then -

  1. Open the batch
  2. Click on Gift > Instalment Schedule and the Starting On date can be changed as required
  3. Click Preview on the schedule screen to ensure the 1st collection date is now as you would expect. 
  4. See this video that shows these steps in the batch created by Online Express.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Config > General and mark the checkbox for Paperless mandates used and set the No. of advance notice days to 10
  2. Go to Online Express > Donations and chose to Create a form
  3. On the Get started tab under Select the payment methods to include select only Direct Debit
  4. On the Extras tab under Do you want to allow recurring gifts? mark the checkbox for Include the recurring gift option and then Add a gift frequency of weekly and Friday
  5. In this same section mark the checkbox for Disable single gifts; require recurring gifts
  6. All other settings in the form can be left as is, so continue through the tabs and Save & close
  7. On the main Donations page Preview the newly created form and notice under the Monthly gift section, the value for Your first gift will occur on date, is the next Friday in the calendar, this does not reflect the value of No. of advanced notice days in Config > General. This means the start date is incorrect and the schedule will need amended


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