Direct Debit Rejection is assigned to the wrong Recurring Gift Instalment

When applying a rejection from the Direct Debit rejection batch , the rejection is applied to the wrong instalment.
We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

V4 - Any SP Duplicated in Sample and client data.

Add a recurring gift on any constituent record with a few instalments

Designation = any
Payment method = Direct Debit - pay instalments automatically
account = any


add payment to the RG
application: Recurring gift
payment method = direct debit
Amount to apply = next instalment balance.

do this again to have two payments.

Now we have a direct debit RG with two payments made by DD.

Instalment 1 - PAID
Instalment 2 - PAID
Instalment 3 - Expected

Take a note of the revenue-ID of the second payment.

Now we use the DD rejection batch to process a rejection to the RG.


Batch Templates/add

cat:revenue batch type: Direct Debit return Batch

Give it a name , workflow name and numbering scheme.

Fields and defaults:

We only need fields: Revenue,Amount,Result Code,Is Rejected,Adjustment reason , all others can be hidden.

Confirm and save.

Batch entry - Add the batch you just created.

revenue : add the revenue-ID from payment 2 of the RG.
Result code: free text
is rejected : true
adjustment reason : choose anything

update projected totals , save and close.

commit batch (1 record processed)

Now go back to your recurring gift and you will see that although you provided the rev-id for payment 2, 
the rejection is written to instalment 3.

This does not happen in V3 , V3 also does not have instalment numbers.

The client after the rejection runs a global change to turn rejections to writeoffs.
The wrong instalments are being written off.


 Blackbaud CRM

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