Error: 'Blackbaud CRM System Record ID': Invalid field value. When conducting User Import from a CRM Query export

When attempting to conduct a Users & security > User Import to create new BBIS records/logins with a CSV filed created with an export from a Blackbaud CRM Constituent Query, the following exception is received:

Exception: "'Blackbaud CRM System Record ID': Invalid field value."
Confirm constituent record: "No constituent record found"
When creating the CRM Query include the Sequence ID field instead of the Constituent Record field.

Note: The ID required for the import file is the Sequence ID, not the Constituent ID or Import ID.
  1. Once you have updated the Query output, export the CSV file again from CRM.
  2. In BBIS, add the new CSV file to the File Upload tab and re-map your fields.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In CRM, create a Constituent Query and export the results as a CSV file, with the "Constituent Record" field for the System Record ID field.
  2. In BBIS, go to Users & security > User Imports
  3. Create a new User Import
  4. Enter the Name and Description for the import, click Next
  5. Choose the file created in CRM above for the Upload File, click Upload
  6. Go to the Preview Import tab, note the exceptions received: 'Blackbaud CRM System Record ID': Invalid field value.


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