Start your query: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of Constituents and click OK. 
Add fields to Include Records Where: 
  1. In the left column, expand the Member node. In the middle column drag "Is dropped?" to Include Records Where. Set this to be eqaul to No. This will exclude dropped members (members who were once on a membership but are not any longer) from your count. 
  2. In the left column, highlight Membership beneath the Member node we expanded in Step 1. From the middle column, drag Status to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to Active. This will pull all active members. 
  3. (Optional) If you'd like to limit your query to only one membership program, from the middle column drag Membership Program to Include Records Where and set that to be equal to the program you'd like. 
Finish your query: 
  1. Name is already present in Results Fields to Display, but you may want to add fields such as Lookup ID. Be sure to refrain from adding any one-to-many values that will create multiple lines for one constituent in your results. This could skew your count. 
  2. Click Preview Results and this is the number of active members you have in Altru. 
  3. Click Set Save Options
  4. Name your query.
  5. Click Save.
If you would like to use this query as a selection mark the checkbox "Create a selection?" from the Set Save Options tab.

Here is an image of what the final query might look like: 
Image of Number of Active Members Query

If you want to have all members of a membership on the same row, you will need to use this query in an export process:

Build the export definition:
  1.  Select the Administration tab.
  2.  Click Export definition. Steps 3-4 are optional.
  3.  Choose membership source view.
  4.  Drag over membership level and expiration date from the middle pane.
  5.  Expand the Members node on the left hand side by clicking "+"
  6.  Highlight the constituent node.
  7.  Drag Name from the middle field to the right hand field. Set number to export to the number of members allowed for your membership program/level. 
  8.  Name the export definition and save.
Configure and process the export:
  1.  Select the Administration tab.
  2.  Click Export.
  3.  Click Add
  4.  Name the export
  5.  Change export type to export definition.
  6.  Find the selection we just made.
  7.  Find the export definition we just made.
  8.  Click Save.
  9.  Click start export. 
  10.  Click Download results. 

If you want to review active memberships, please review the Active Membership Report