This can occur when the length of the fields exceeds the size of the document. This can be remedied by performing the following:
  1. Open the report parameter
  2. Select the Columns tab
    • If the number at the bottom under Report Width is red, the columns are populating outside the range of the page. (The default maximum report width for standard Portrait orientation is 7.75, Landscape is 10.5)
User-added image
  1. Remove any unneeded columns
  2. Edit the Width of the columns to allow them to fit
    • Click the Preview button to view any changes made
    • ​If the field has a large amount of text that would be cut off using a shorter size, marking Wrap Field will allow the report to print the information across multiple lines instead of a single row
If the above steps do not work, or you are unable to reduce the size or number of columns, attempt the following steps to correct the issue:
  1. Select the General tab in the Report
  2. Change Report orientation from Portrait to Landscape
  3. Select the Format tab
  4. Highlight Miscellaneous
  5. Change the Font size to a smaller size