To add/edit enrollment rows:

1) Navigate to Core.
2) Select Users > Edit User Profile Data
3) Search/select the student.
4) Scroll to the lower left under System Information.
5) Click Student Enrollment.
6) Click Edit to the right of any enrollment row to update a Users current Enrollment (ex. change Grade Level, mark Repeated).
7) Click Enroll in School in the upper right to add a new enrollment row. Select the School Year and Grade Level
8) Click Save or Save & Exit

To bulk add future enrollment rows, you can run the Promote process in Core > Users > Manage Student Enrollments. Promoting has no impact on students who already have the correct grade level for next year, but it will add the next year's enrollment row for students missing it.

1. Core > Users > Manage Student Enrollments
2. Select the school year the students do have enrollments for
3. Select Promote next to the students' grade level for the selected year
4. Mark the option to Promote and proceed through the steps to complete the promote process. You can check all students to promote or select only those missing the next year's enrollment.