Business Email value does not display in Directory results

When searching a Directory part and displaying "Business Email" as a Listing Field, the result column for "Business Email" is blank, even though the corresponding RE constituent record does have a value for the RE phone type on the business relationship record that is mapped in NetCommunity Administration > Sites & settings > RE phone type mapping.
This occurs as the business phone is the only phone type mapped from the relationship record with the organization. As the value of "Business Phone" only corresponds to a business phone number; to resolve this issue, add the phone type of "Business Email" with the desired value to the RE constituent record on the BIO1 tab.

Please refer to the Blackbaud NetCommunity & The Raiser’s Edge Integration Guide for field mapping information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Access RE Constituent record > Business relationship tab
  2. Observe Business Phone and Business Email Address
  3. Access NetCommunity directory and search for record
  4. Observe Business Phone number displays but not Business Email Address


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