Altru disbursement dates don't match BBMS disbursement dates

When viewing the reconcile transactions and disbursements section in Altru you may notice that the disbursement dates that show up in Altru don't match the disbursement dates that show on the BBMS calendar. The disbursement dates in Altru may match the BBMS cycle start dates.
If disbursements are not showing up on the date of your deposit wait for atleast 2 - 3 days and periodically check to see if the report shows in Altru. If the report doesn't show after 3 days Chat with Support.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Treasury > Reconcile transactions and disbursements
  2. Click view by disbursement
  3. Notice that the disbursement dates don't match the disbursement dates on the BBMS calendar, but they do match the cycle start dates on the BBMS calendar


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