GPA is dropping course grades when class is partially retaken

When GPA is figured for a student that is re-taking a course - not for multiple credit- the system will drop all the previous taken courses grades and use the grades from only the re-taken class; Instead dropping the grade from the original course marking column as New grades are entered for the course in the re-taken course.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

For Example:
  •   A student took Algebra last year and received an F marking column Semester1 and Semester2.
  •  They are retaking Algebra this year, and have a grade for the Semester1, but have not taken Semester2 yet (no grade has yet been recorded).
  •  The system is setup to not allow a course to be taken multiple times for credit.
  •  The course is setup to award credit per semester.
  •  When running the GPA for the year the course is originally taken, the system is using both semesters of the course - As expected.
  •  When running the GPA for the year that the course is being re-taken, the system is only pulling the Sem1 grade for the course for the year it is retaken, and not including the Sem2 grade of the original year taken.
  •  When viewing the grades, it has removed the Credits awarded for the Sem1 for the original year taken, and still leaves the credits awarded for the Sem2 of the original year the course was taken.

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