How to globally add a note to an assigned solicitor

How to add a note globally for a solicitor on each constituent that solicitor is assigned to.
1. Query on constituents with the specific assigned solicitor you wish to add the note for
    Note: Be sure to output Relationships > Assigned Solicitor > Specific Record in the query and take note of the 3 digit number that it outputs – we will need this later
2. Create an Import file   

3. Under Constituent, highlight Constituent Solicitor and click New

4. Select Create import file

5. Click Include > Selected Records and find the query created in step 1

6. Select Include selected fields in the import file and include the following Headers:
  • Headers: ImportID, ASRImpID, ASRLink, ASRNotes
  • Corresponding Field Names: Import ID, Solicitor Relationship Import ID, Solicitor Link, Notes
Refer to the Constituent Solicitor section of the Import Guide for a list of available fields (layout table) and for what each is used. In versions 7.5 and above, you can also access the layout table from the Fields tab in the import parameters. 

7. Under What file do you wish to create? Browse to where you would like to save the file as a .csv document
Note: This pulls the notes for all solicitor assigned to the constituents that has the assigned solicitor we queried for on their record. We will need to remove the unwanted solicitors that are not the one we want to add a note for. The ASRLink number we want will end in the 3 digit number we took note of in step 1 – we want to keep only line items with the ASRLink number ending in that 3 digit number and delete the rest.

8. Open the file created in step 7, delete undesired line items, and add desired notes in the ASRNotes column

9. Do a Constituent Solicitor import with the edited .csv file


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