Error: Procedure or function [xxxxx] has too many arugments specified

You might experience this error while developing a custom batch type and have made changes to one of the forms on the batch type. When the Infinity platform loads a custom batch type it creates stored procedures that setup the interface and call the ones in forms.  This problem occurs in the case that you remove a field from the forms and load the form but don't reload the batch type.
  1. Select Adminstration > Application > Catalog Browser
  2. Select Type: Batch Type
  3. Select Source: your custom assembly
  4. Click Apply
  5. Locate your custom batch type
  6. Click Load Item

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a Custom Batch Type
    • include the @CURRENTAPPUSERID field on the commit form stored procedure.
    • CURRENTAPPUSERID is not defined on the form definition just the stored procedure
  2. Load the custom batch type
  3. Create a batch template from the batch type
  4. Create a batch from the batch template.
  5. Add test data to the batch.
  6. Save and close the batch.
  7. Modify the Add Commit form and remove the CURRENTAPPUSERID field.
  8. Load just the Add Commit form.
  9. Open the test batch.
  10. Validate the Batch.

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