Email statistics do not populate with donations in Online Express

After including a Donate Now button in an Online Express email, users may notice that their Online Express email statistics do not update with donation transaction information.
Here is some information about how donation tracking works and why it might not work: 

If the donor navigated away from the URL and then navigated back to the form after clicking on the link, this will not be tracked as a "transaction".

Additionally, if the donor's web browser blocks webtrackers, the transaction will not be tracked on the email job.

With the Email marketing functionality, we introduced Email performance statistics that are generated when the email is successfully/unsuccessfully sent to the recipients, when the recipient opens the email, when the recipient clicks on a hyperlink in the email, when a recipient unsubscribes from the organization’s emails, and when the recipient makes a transaction.   

When Online Express generates the hyperlink to any web page in their email or the donation/event registration/membership registration forms, it also generates a redirect URL with a query string on the end of the URL. That query string is what tracks the email performance statistics in the plugin.  

When a recipient clicks on an OLX email in their inbox, a pixel (also known as a web pixel, web beacon, or tracking pixel) is loaded to our server, which logs that the unique email ID (which is assigned to each email send of the email job) as an open. Web pixels are (typically invisible) objects embedded in a web page or email that track a visitor/recipient’s access to the content of the web page or email. When hyperlinks in the email are clicked, this sends a notification to the Online Express servers that the specific recipient clicked on the specific hyperlink from the email and generates the "Click" metric in the Email performance analysis dashboard and click map in the email job in the Online Express plugin. The web pixel will track the recipient's entire session through the redirected URL. If the user navigates away from the form and then navigates back to the form, the web pixel would no longer track the session (because the pixel will only track click/transaction responses to the URL generated in the OLX email. The moment the user navigates away form the URL, the "session" will end.

If the recipient's inbox blocks web tracking or if the recipient's browser blocks web tracking, OLX is unable to track recipient's click/transaction responses to the OLX form, as well.

If none of these circumstances seem to apply, please contact support. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. How to send an email in Online Express (includes video demos)
2. Open the email
3. Click Donate Now and make a donation
4. Log back into Online Express
5. Select Email
6. Notice email statistics are not updated

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